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(auto-translation from Russian)

Example of payment for $ 15 "to make yourself", according to data provided on WhatsApp (+7 951 998 8244) or email ( )


If you plan to build an auto curtain, a canopy, etc.on your garden plot, you can contact us for an initial sketch. Each individual option needs suggestions that we will take for you from our many years of experience in building canopies. The price of this service, although it beats the pocket, 15 dollars., but as experience shows, this money is worth it, after providing a sketch, you need to answer 15-20 questions until the client writes "everything is clear, thank you" - the client receives a lot of useful information that would never have learned only from the calculator. This information is enough to perform competent construction on their own. Our offers made in a timely manner will save you many times more money, since we select within the same price propotionu - "hemetricheskaya form - aesthetics - economical selection of marteriala - a large margin of safety", as well, we can make a selection for a specific set of your budget.

I usually give an exhaustive number of recommendations and make 3-6 sheets of sketches by hand.

The calculation is performed within a day only after one hundred percent payment to a Sberbank of Russia card linked to the phone number +7 951 998 8244  to the cardholder (the author of the calculator). Petrovich Maximov. I, the author of the calculator, do not know English, so please send text information only in printed form, and the original information, if it is a drawing, then only with numbers, since I translate everything by an automatic translator into my own language to process, then, for you, I translate this translator into English.

Information is required in the source data:

  1) city, area of installation of the canopy.

  2) photo of the place where the canopy is supposed to be installed.

  3) a hand-drawn sketch of the top view of the places where you plan to put the poles.

  4) the shape of the desired canopy roof is a semicircle, a straight slope, a double slope, as well, all this can be sent in the form of a sketch.

Example of payment for $ 15 "to give to the welder" according to the data provided by email ( ) :

Example of calculation for 15 dollars "for the report" according to the data provided by email ( ) :

(of course, the text will be generated in English)

Implemented our calculations:

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