We offer 5 online calculators that you can easily and quickly pick up all the professional pipes for the planned shed, without any torment:


1. Rigel calculator


2. farm calculator


3. Zhilin calculator


4. rafters calculator


5. calculator of the Rigel system + under the Rigel farm

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In our plans not included and not included to do now calculator paid, but due to a complete lack of orders the construction of steel structures, specifically, the best calculator on this website has helped us to beat the competition, it was disassembled our production at S. Lucina D. 2, and removed from leased land in the spring of 2020, we suffered huge losses, had to enter the subscriber cost in the calculator. Now we need your help to restore the destroyed production. The money from the subscription fee will go there, to restore the production of high-quality metal structures. We hope that everything will get better and you won't need to pay for the calculator.

Payment for (monthly*) access to the calculator can be made by transferring the amount of $ 2 to the Sberbank card linked to the phone number+7 951 998 8244 (card holder Alexey Petrovich M). After payment, you will receive the access code immediately to your phone, which you can specify in the transfer message, or you can just write me a message on WhatsApp of this number that you paid, after which I will send the access code to the return number (I do not speak English, I can only understand the message and answer in English only in writing)
In extreme cases, if you can't pay with a credit card, we will accept the payment to the balance of the above-mentioned phone number.

* The access code is valid until the 1st day of the next month. In the first days of the month, the access code changes. A subscriber who has become a member since the 25th day is given a second code for the next month.

- The subscriber of the calculator is given a discount in the amount of the entire subscription fee for the order calculation.

- The subscriber is provided with oral support by phone 8 951 998 8244 (tele 2, Russia, in writing, on WhatsApp)

- At the request of the subscriber, any profile is added to the calculator.

Video on how to use the calculator:

Without using any formulas, engineering calculations, programs, tables!

We do not torment the reader with phrases - " here it is necessary to take into account...", "calculate...", "select from engineering tables..."as they do on all sites! All formulas, accounts, selections, snips, state standards, and grades are hidden inside the calculator.

Here is your canopy - here are your planned dimensions! Enter your desired dimensions and the calculator will show you in percentage the margin of safety selected profirov. If the margin of safety is positive, the part of the canopy will be considered calculated by the laws of copromat using all snips, GOST standards, and grades.

Using this calculator, you can calculate any node of the canopy. You will get comprehensive data on the loads on any canopy. In detail, you can calculate the online load on all elements of the canopy.

Our calculator is aimed at customers of garden associations, cottage settlements, and other private owners who need a quick and reasonable selection of professional pipes for sheds of outbuildings, car shelters, and extensions to buildings. Since often, in the absence of such a calculator, lack of experience, clients of "Garden and garden" undertake construction without any justification at all, either under-laying the strength, or Vice versa, spending extra money, remapping the strength. Therefore, the purpose of the calculator is only to Orient the client in the right direction. For the construction of industrial buildings and workshops, industrial sheds and other large structures requires more detailed calculation. For example, in industrial construction each link of the farm must be calculated (except for accounting of yield stress at break and bending in this calculator) flexibility in compression and torsion, the parameter which is taken into account before this link went to the production farm, to rolling on bending and filling the triangular elements and other parameters with their estimates. But in any case, if you want to build "something" relying only on "experience" and not on calculations, it is better to use this calculator. Also, on this calculator, you can set the margin of safety yourself, for example, 50%, 80%, by selecting the strength relative to your budget. For example, the farms of our production shop have a stock of 80%, and can withstand not only snow, but also a crane beam that carries heavy loads. In any case, of course, you need to adhere to basic rules during construction, for example, you can not use loads across the links, only along. For example, in the farm place which it rests on the bolt, must not be empty, that is without filling (i.e., above the crossbar in the farm must be link fill the farm! very often the farm is for this reason that break!). For installation details, "noodles" it is better to provide, under it in the farm vertical links to fill or crossing of the triangular infills. Better to do fill the farm with thinner profile and more often than powerful and rare, as it is not necessary to forget that on the triangular links of the fill load is along the axis and it is minor, and hoizontally pipe trusses have a component of bending loads, and the load on the horizontal pipe is huge in comparison with the minor load of pipes fill the farm.

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